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Therapies & Treatments


Depression Therapy

We'll talk about what depression looks like and at triggering factors that may be included. 

Parenting Skills

Let's take a look at your routine that you have with your children and dig in deep on being a single parent or a two parent household that has two different kinds of parenting style. 

Mental Health Diagnosis 

I am able to assess and diagnose for mental health issues. I can also recommend a psychiatrist or your primary care physician for medication management  if necessary. 

Anti Stress Therapy

You may be surprised at what helps you to find things you enjoy that can help you with stress and move towards harmony in your life. 


Have you ever meditated ? Do you believe it is too hard to try and find quiet time for yourself to take a time out? Let me help you figure out a time that works for you and discuss what meditation really is for each individual. 


I believe that sometimes we need some "homework" to work on in between sessions. This will help both of us find ways to hone your coping skills and help me to make appropriate suggestions to move you towards a healthier you!  

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