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Fee Schedule

CPT Code                            Description                                            Fee

                 90791                                                                                             Initial Diagnostic Evaluation                                                                                                          $120.00

                 90832                                                                                            Psychotherapy, 16-37  minutes                                                                                                    $50.00

                 90834                                                                                             Psychotherapy, 38-52 minutes                                                                                                   $75.00

                 90837                                                                                            Psychotherapy, 53-75 minutes                                                                                                    $100.00

                 90839                                                                                           Crisis Psychotherapy (60 minutes)                                                                                             $120.00

                 90840                                                                                           Crisis Psychotherapy (each additional 30 minutes)                                                                $60.00

*The cost of writing letters, phone calls to other professionals and having to go to court is additional, those fees are in the Professional Disclosure Statement.*

Please be advised that insurance billing requires the disclosure of Protected Health Information including diagnosis, treatment dates, and in certain circumstances treatment plans and progress notes. (See Notice of Privacy Practices). 

At this time I accept the following insurances:


MaineCare - Sweetser

Anthem Behavioral Health (ABH) - Sweetser

Magellan Behavioral Health - Sweetser

United Behavioral Health (UBH) - Sweetser

Behavioral HealthCare Program (BHCP) - Sweetser

Community Health Options (CHO) - Sweetser

Northern Light Employee Health Plan/Beacon Health  - Sweetser
Martin's Point - Sweetser

 At this moment, the following insurances are pending:


If you have a different insurance than what is listed, feel free to email or call requesting that I apply to become In-Network with them. 

All payments must be made at the time of service unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to the time of service. Payment can be made by credit card or FSA card on my Teletherapy website at:  I will then send you a superbill so you can turn it into your insurance for reimbursement if you wish. To make an appointment, you can go through the following website:  or call my cell phone at (207) 275-8488 or (509) 222-4837. 

                                                                                                 Fee Schedule and Billing Policy, Updated December 16, 2020