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Tele-Therapy is Counseling that offers you convenience when life is busy enough without having to drive  to your appointments.  

Welcome to Coast 2 Coast Counseling


My Mission

My mission is to assist you in your journey to self discovery and to get there on your terms. We will start where you are at in your life and go from there.  Let me guide you along that journey. 

Why Tele-Therapy? 

I have found that over the years so many clients have missed appointments because of sick kids, depression that was so bad that they could hardly leave their beds or anxiety so bad that they can't leave their homes. So how do you deal with your mental health issues and still get to see your therapist without missing a beat? Why Tele-therapy of course! With Tele-therapy you are able to go out to your car or close the door to your office during lunch break, or be home with the kids and still keep your appointment from the comfort of your home, car or wherever is most comfortable for you! 

Who is the face behind Coast 2 Coast Counseling

Michelle Gaspar


Hi! I lived in Washington for almost 25 years and have recently returned to Maine with my husband. 

We have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and a plethora of animals (dog, cats, & chickens) 

I am licensed in both Washington state as well as Maine. At this time I work full time in Bangor as a Therapist for an agency, but would love to eventually move to doing therapy as a private business full time. 
 I have worked in many different fields over the last 30 years along with being in the ARMY for 8 years. I feel that the jobs I have had over the years have made me a well rounded person who knows a something about a variety of mental health issues and what sorts of life situations affect each of us, to include stressful situations like illness or death of a loved one, breakups, divorce, custody battles, relationship issues as well as having to now deal with COVID-19 AKA: Corona Virus and how it effects each of us the same as well as differently. 

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